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A bit about me.

The official. The dirt. The purpose.

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My Story


I'm a teacher and leader at heart and have been blessed with professional experiences that have enabled me to do what I love in many different ways. 

A decade in the corporate world brought opportunities to hone my craft of facilitation, leadership and coaching. I worked as a corporate trainer, leader of leaders and an executive coach. I hired the company's talent, created and facilitated training and leadership development programs, and coached executives on how to manage their organizations. 

In 2019 I made the beautiful and terrifying decision to open my own business. I made many mistakes and lived months with single digits (sometimes negative) in my bank account. Despite many challenges and roadblocks, I never gave up because I felt it in my soul that I was on the right path. Today, I live a life beyond my wildest dreams - a life of complete wealth while helping other people achieve their own healing and wealth.

Professional Certifications: CBT, Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Theta Healing, NLP Coaching, Client Relationship Management (Richardson), Reiki, Akashic Records, Plant Medicine


It's not always a pretty journey to find the path toward spiritual healing - - and I am living proof of that.

My spiritual awakening was prompted by the dark night of the soul - which for me, was a series of events that included losing everything that had given my life purpose.. gone nearly overnight.

I easily could've chosen the victim role and focused on the people who I believed were determined to break me (and I definitely had moments of embodying this mindset), but instead I went inside of myself. I pulled out my own skeletons. I took accountability for the choices I had made that had led me to the greatest pain of my life. And I chose to awaken.

It was the most meaningful emotional destruction I had ever encountered and I say with certainty, that it was exactly what I needed to learn, heal and grow.


The greatest lesson I've learned through my spiritual awakening is that everything in life - even the darkest moments and the greatest pain - serve a purpose in our journey. Nothing in our lives is a coincidence, and as humans, always have two choices - to find reasons or find results. 

TRAUMA, FEAR, BELIEFS and PROGRAMS can make it far too easy to find reasons. Our EGO defends our choices and blames others. It protects our wounds and uses our past as an unhealthy frame of reference for our future. 

Realizing that we have trauma, fear, limiting beliefs and programs is actually a beautiful thing - because it gives us the opportunity to do exactly what we came here for - to experience life and to learn and grow from it. And this, is how we find results. 

So - when you're ready to give up reasons and find results, I'm here to show you how.



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