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Become A Certified Intuitive Spiritual

Coach + Healer

Ascension Academy is a 12-week certification program for professional women who want to become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach + Intuitive Energy Healer. 

In this unique academy, you will learn how to use your intuition, energy healing + trauma modalities to heal yourself and others!

How Is Ascension Academy Structured?

Each week you are completing self-paced training modules that include encoded audio healings. All modules are aligned to the objectives of self-healing, coaching and healing others, and building your soul-filled business (including your signature program).

As you're completing your course work, you'll also be live on Zoom participating in group coaching and healing calls where you are both healed and learning how to heal.

You'll attend exclusive workshops on intuition, astrology, tarot, dream interpretation and more. 

AND - you'll participate in practice sessions to hone your craft and receive testimonials for your biz!

PLUS - you'll gain a community of like-minded women to learn from and grow with.

By the end of the 12-week academy, you will have raised your vibe, awakened your intuitive gifts, learned several profound modalities and have a business that's client-ready!

What Will I Learn In Ascension Academy?

Is Ascension Academy For Me?


Did you have the realization that you're a destined healer and/or light-worker but you don't know how to hone your gifts, structure your program, identify a career path or facilitate healings?


Did you have the shocking realization that the career you've spent YEARS designing is now draining your energy and making your soul scream?


Want a business that's focused on helping and healing others but you don't really know how healing works - or you have NO idea how to get started with your business?

Are you already a coach or healer but are struggling with imposter syndrome or business LACK?


Do you have a profession helping others but the traditional approaches are either ineffective or are taking too long to get your clients results - so you want to integrate spiritual healing into your practice and you need the knowledge and training to do so?


Leveraging all of the spiritual tools you can get your hands on - but you still can't make manifestation work for you - or you're living a life of LACK in at least one area?

Are you observing the connection between your mind, body and soul - and you know you need a more holistic approach to managing physical, emotional and mental pain - that doesn't include surgery, meds or a life of chronic illness?

Let's get right to the point.


Nearly everything you've been taught to do to "heal" is wrong.

It's ineffective. It doesn't treat the core issues. And sometimes, it makes things worse.


Worst part?


Your LACK of proper healing is exactly why...

→Manifestation + law of attraction aren't working fast enough (or at all) for you.

→You're working 40+ hours a week in a job that doesn't fulfill you.

→You're struggling to achieve financial abundance.

→You're triggered by things you've tried to forgive and forget.

→You experience FEAR, anxiety and racing thoughts.

→You may be living with a chronic condition or pain.

→You may not have met your twin flame and instead attract karmics.

→You are not at your top spiritual, physical, mental + emotional health.

→You know there's more to life - and you also know you're not living it.


How do I know this?

Because this used to be me.

Pre-spiritual awakening - I was not even doing the work.

I chose to live in my EGO-driven state where I blamed my external world for everything I was feeling inside.


And when I didn't like the feelings inside, I drank them away with wine.


Productive cycle, right?


But post-spiritual awakening - I was SERIOUSLY doing the work. 

I spent 13 consecutive MONTHS committed to a morning routine full of "healing," vision boards, affirmations, meditations, mantras......and my external world hardly changed. 

Meanwhile, I was watching my clients experience the same struggle.

I was guiding them through trauma and mindset work and they were putting forth the effort - but they were still STUCK.

I was so frustrated that I became resentful - I stopped following spirituality on social media, stopped my researching, stopped my morning routine - and was convinced the people who had it all weren't really manifesting or healing... they were just "lucky."


Meanwhile I started to become physically ill, despite that I was exercising daily, eating healthy and had been alcohol-free for more than two years. When my doctors started using the words "fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis," I knew I was missing something. 


Thankfully - the universe was protecting me (same for you, that's why you've been guided here)  and that's when spiritual energetic healing was brought into my radar. 


As my energy, physical body, previous lives, soul + DNA started to be cleared -the physical symptoms I had been experiencing for months - pain and numbness in my legs, excruciating back pain, shaking, brain fog.. it ALL melted away.


And - ALL of my manifestations started to come in at the same time - WITHOUT vision boards, affirmations and mantras.

I hit my business revenue goal that I had been striving to hit for two years and had changed NOTHING in my business.I landed a stunning new home without even looking for it.


Previous triggers from my childhood literally melted away overnight.


Everything in my life started to line up so easily that I was in SHOCK. 

And that's how I learned that sometimes we are SERIOUSLY doing the work - but it isn't the right kind of work.


We strive to better ourselves.

We go to therapy.

We work through trauma.

We eat healthy.

We practice self-care.

We implement boundaries.


And it's not enough.


Stagnant energies, trauma, fear, energetic attacks - they are attached deeply to our previous lives, DNA and energetic field - and they often show up as anxiety, depression, auto-immune disorders (fibromyalgia is a big one), injuries, chronic pain, extra weight, etc.


When we release on ALL  levels + learn how to access the highest frequencies - miracles happen, illness can't touch us and we build WEALTH in health, love, joy + financial abundance.


This is what Ascension Academy is all about.


In this 12-week program, you will guided through the most profound healing journey of your life where we help you heal you on all levels so you can access wealth. 


This brings in the life you deserve and provides you the frameworks you need to heal others.


Once you understand how to facilitate spiritual healing, we then teach you how to build your own business as a Spiritual Coach + Healer...this is after you've learned the spiritual modalities so you can choose the niche you're destined for.


IMAGINE in just 3 months..


→Being more spiritually, physically, mentally + emotionally fit than ever before.


→Having the skills + acumen to heal yourself + others.


→Building your own business as a Spiritual Coach + Healer.


You can have it all.


It starts here.


Are you ready?

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